The Gambia – The best way to relax

There are many different excursions designed to give the tourist a good feel of The Gambia. There are land – based tours, river trips and mixed excursions. Many of the excursions are conducted in the coastal area but others take place in rural Gambia. Please remember to take plenty of camera film, sun tan lotion and insect repellent.

Sun Bathing: The Gambia has many unspoiled beaches on the sides of the Atlantic Coast. Sun beds are provided by either the hotels or beach bars.

Lazy Day Cruise on The River: If you want to free your mind and do nothing at all, the lazy day cruise on the river is the perfect trip for you. One can relax on the sun deck, take a swim and unwind the soul. Enjoy a scenic route with occasional sightings of dolphins, and bird watching opportunities.

Creek Tours: A peaceful and relaxing day out on the creek or around bolongs (river tributaries) of the River Gambia is not to be missed.

Beauty salons: There are several beauty salons in and outside of the hotel area which look forward to catering to you.

Hair Braiding: Hair braiding is very popular in the Gambia and thus many tourists are interested in trying out a new hair style.

Massage: There are a range of massage facilities in and outside of the various hotels waiting to welcome you.