UAE – This is the icon of Dubai

Is it a seven star hotel or a five star hotel? Opinions are divided. The fact is that Burj Al Arab is the most iconic building in Dubai and perhaps the most famous hotel in the world. Built in the shape of a sail and opened in 1999, Burj Al Arab has gained a worldwide reputation. They try to uphold that reputation in every possible way and they succeed. This attraction is on the bucket list of many people.

An artificial island was created in the Persian Gulf for the construction of Burj Al Arab. To make the connection with Jumeirah Beach, a bridge was built to the island. The Tower of the Arabs, literal translation of Burj Al Arab, has 56 floors, but you should actually take this with a grain of salt. Since each room has two floors, there are ‘only’ 28 floors. A helipad was integrated at the very top. Ideal for guests who want to make an entrance in grand style.

Comfort, luxury and service are the assets of Burj Al Arab. This is also fully reflected at night when you see the impressive lighting both inside, but especially outside. The hotel can be dressed in all possible colors and can be seen from a long distance. All rooms offer a breathtaking view of the sea and each room is also assigned its own butler who is always at your service. In terms of service, this can count.

Additional benefit for Burj Al Arab hotel guests is the entrance to Wild Wadi Waterpark which is included. Like the luxury hotel, Wild Wadi Waterpark is also owned by the Jumeirah group. In this water paradise you can enjoy many slides, swimming pools, water playgrounds and other attractions. To completely relax, a round of the lazy river is recommended. Wild Wadi Waterpark is the perfect daytrip for young and old.

The Burj Al Arab Terrace literally floats above the sea. Relax in one of the many loungers along one of the two swimming pools or enjoy the Arabian sun on the private beach. Lover of wellness? In the Talise Spa you will undoubtedly find a suitable treatment or take a dip in the infinity pool. A fitness room is also available for the sportier hotel guests.

Naturally, Burj Al Arab also provides some culinary highlights. Lovers of gastronomy will undoubtedly get their money’s worth in SAL. This elegant restaurant is located on the terrace next to the outdoor pools with an impressive view of the Persian Gulf. The specialty of Southern European cuisine is fish. Enjoy sea bass, shrimp, sea bream, crab and other seafood in a luxurious interior with sand colored accents. In combination with the adapted wines, this is a must-do.

For breakfast you have to be in Bab Al Yam. Don’t expect miles of buffets here, but a standard buffet with fresh products. Burj Al Arab makes the difference by working à la carte. This gives you an extensive choice and you can also be sure that everything is prepared à la minute. To round off your stay in this iconic luxury hotel, a visit to Sahn Eddar should not be missed. In this family-friendly lounge you can taste the world-famous ’24 carat gold cappuccino’, but people also come from far to Burj Al Arab for afternoon tea.