Belgium – Spend an amazing night among wild animals

In the Domain of the Caves of Han in Belgium you can enjoy a unique experience. You can spot different wild animals, dive into the impressive Cave of Han and spend the night in a Tree Tent. Extra asset: the wildlife park recently welcomed some adorable arctic wolf cubs and a new pack of gray wolves.

Waking up among the trees

Glamping has been very popular for several years now. The Domain of the Caves of Han cleverly responds to this and makes a childhood dream come true. In eight different Tree Tents you get the chance to spend the night high in the trees in the middle of the game park. In the middle of nature you have a beautiful view of wild horses, mouflons, oxen, deer, … from your own terrace.

What can you imagine with an overnight stay in a Tree Tent? Well, a ranger will take you in the Safari car to the center of the game park and will then indicate your Tree Tent. After you have put your things away, it is time for the next highlight: the aperitif. Cava or a local beer and a fruit juice for the children is provided. You can also taste some local chips, cheeses and salamis. As a main course you will be served a barbecue. Choose from meat, fish or a vegetarian alternative and enjoy a local wine or another beer. Finally, a piece of apple pie or other dessert is provided and it is time to climb into your Tree Tent.

There is a good chance that you will be awakened the next morning by a wild animal or the singing of the birds. Time to have breakfast! A picnic basket with a croissant, chocolate roll, yoghurt, fruit, artisan fruit juice and coffee or tea smiles at you. Enough energy to get through the day. Good to know: You can spend the night with four people in a Tree Tent. There are two toilets and a small laundry room. Electricity and internet are not available. Don’t forget your binoculars and camping lamp to find your tent or toilet at night. In addition to the Tree Tents, you can also spend the night in Cocoon Village. A fun trip with the whole family or with friends is guaranteed!

The center of the earth

The Tree Tent package also includes a PassHan ticket. This can be used on the day of arrival and departure and gives access to the Cave of Han, the wildlife park and the PrehistoHan museum.

In the Cave of Han you get the chance to walk to the center of our earth, in the heart of the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Belgium. You have a choice of two guided walks in the Cave: the Cave Walk and the Cave Discovery. The Cave Discovery takes you to the most beautiful rooms and galleries full of impressive stalactites. The LED lighting aimed at the stalagmites and stalactites makes it even more spectacular. The tour lasts over an hour and ends with the underground light and sound spectacle Origin.

The Big Five

In addition to the Cave of Han, access to the wildlife park is also included in your PassHan ticket. Here you have the choice. You can either discover the 250 hectares of nature on foot or opt for the Safari car. Of course, both options are also possible. The walk is more than 6 kilometers long and you have to count one and a half hours for the ride with the Safari car. No less than 650 animals live in the game park, but most of the attention goes to The Big Five: the lynx, the wolverine, the wolf, the bison and the brown bear.

And there’s more…

Do you have some time left? There is still a lot to experience at the Domain of the Caves of Han. In the PrehistoHan museum you can see various archaeological treasures from the Cave of Han or the river. You can relax completely during a forest bathing session. Together with a naturalist guide you go into the forest to recharge your batteries and feel connected to nature. Finally, there is also a large playground with various play equipment. While the adults enjoy a drink on a terrace, this is the ideal outlet for the little ones.

Happy news

Baby news at the Domain of the Caves of Han, the wildlife park welcomed some adorable arctic wolf cubs and a new pack of gray wolves. Anyone who visits the Domain of the Caves of Han this spring will therefore come face to face with some imposing wolves. During the exclusive tour ‘Wolf Stories’ you will learn everything about these imposing animals.