Finland – Enjoy the many beautiful islands of Aland

Experiencing the idyllic city life in Mariehamn, the serene beauty of Kökar Islands, luxurious recreation at HavsVidden or the many culinary highlights, which are influenced by Swedish, Finnish and other food cultures – all of the many facets of Åland Islands can be experienced throughout the year.  

The autonomous Finnish region, located in the Baltic Sea, at the Southern end of the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden, inhabits just over 30,000 people spread over more than 6,700 islands and skerries. Notwithstanding the fact that Swedish is the sole official language, it has its own postage stamps and own flag.  

As a tourist destination, Åland Islands are anything but monotonous: from adventurous island-hopping to boating, fishing, golfing to canoeing or kayaking all day without encountering another soul. As it is easy to get from one island to another, thanks to the many bridges and ferries, multi-day bicycle tours, destination riding or day rides and urban cycling can take you someplace new. Maybe to one of the many restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy authentic food that is produced locally. Cheese and other dairy products, beer, cider, juice and lemonades, chocolate, and bonbons, to only name a few of the many delicacies from Åland.