Finland – Experience luxury in the beautiful Lakeland nature

While many may still associate nature travel with traditional camping, hiking, and other adventurous activities, these days there are several other more relaxed options available for those seeking to experience Finnish nature in a calming and comfortable setting. In Jyväskylä Region visitors can enjoy a wide variety of breathtaking nature accommodations in the heart of Finnish Lakeland.

For those interested in experiencing the Finnish countryside to its fullest, the best destination is Hakamaa Sheep Farm in Petäjävesi. At Hakamaa visitors can learn about sustainable sheep farming, enjoy a homemade lunch made from local products, and enjoy the rugged beauty of the Finnish countryside. After a day of feeding and taking care of the sheep, visitors can reserve a Tentsile tree tent for up to three hours for a nice midday nap, or pötköttely –a type of Finnish siesta.

Pötköttely can take place anywhere either laying down, seated, or standing up, but at the heart of it is complete relaxation and disconnection from the rest of the world. Instead of moving, pötköttely is about being. Being still and being present in your own skin as well as its surroundings. After a long day on the move, taking the chance to stop and fully commit to relaxation is one of the best things one can do for both their physical and mental health.

As one might guess, pötköttely in nature fits in wonderfully with the idea of glamping: Hideaway Glamping is the destination for couples and friends who appreciate nature and want to create wonderful memories while experiencing true Finnish hospitality. Hideaway Glamping offers luxurious tent, hammock, and cabin accommodation on the shores of the Great Lake Päijänne in Muurame, a quaint small town in the Jyväskylä Region. Similarly, Karkausmäen Kammari in Kinnula offers visitors a wonderfully relaxing setting for pötköttely far from the hustle and bustle of bigger towns. The glamping tent accommodation at Karkausmäki includes a breakfast basket, served to the guests at a predetermined time. Aside from the tent, Karkausmäki Guesthouse also offers room lodging for up to ten people.