France – A remarkable weekend in Pornic

France has several nice seaside resorts. Less known, but certainly just as charming, is Pornic in the Loire-Atlantique. Pornic is a coastal town with a rich history, delicious seafood and beautiful beaches. Enough reasons for a short holiday.

A fun way to discover Pornic is the Rando-Jeu. Get a map at the Office du Tourisme and explore the port, alleys, … in an original and fun way. You can choose from a course for adults (3.50 km in two hours) or for children (2 km in an hour and a half). The walking game for adults guides you through the seaside resort via 22 questions. There are 20 questions provided for children. Keep your eyes wide open, because before you know it you’ll be past the answer. It is the perfect way to discover this holiday spot through play. Ultimately collect as many points as possible.

One of the attractions of Pornic is the castle. It’s also impossible to ignore. This symbolic building was built between the 13th and 15th centuries and was finally renovated and adapted in the 19th century. The castle is in private hands, but it is still possible to visit various interior spaces. Some guides in authentic clothing provide an informative tour. From the tower you get a breathtaking view of the harbor of Pornic. This remains an impressive viewpoint both at low tide and at high tide.

Of course, the inner man must also be strengthened. Marius is an excellent address. This cozy restaurant is located in the old casino of Pornic. From the terrace you have a charming view of the bay and the castle. The interior is reminiscent of the 1930s and Art Deco. At Marius you can enjoy local dishes with seasonal products all year round. Naturally, seafood and fish are central. It is interesting to know that Marius is open seven days a week.

Another option is Brasserie Océanic in La Bernerie-en-Retz, just ten minutes from Pornic. This brasserie is located near the beautiful beaches of the Pays de Retz and is an ideal stop for a drink or an ice cream. The specialty is the home-made mussels: les moules Océanic. The recipe has been a closely guarded secret for more than twenty years. Brasserie Océanic is open daily.

You can spend the night at the Domaine de la Gressière near the Atlantic Ocean in La Bernerie-en-Retz. In a wooded area of four hectares, there are 23 rooms spread over the castle and the outbuilding. All rooms offer a view of the sea or the park. There is also a beautiful outdoor swimming pool that can provide cooling during hot summer days. The castle dates from the 11th century and was made of wood at the time. In 1870, the Château de la Gressière was finally built on the ruins of the former castle.