Monaco – The vibrant spirit of the Principality

Monaco, renowned for its allure and sophistication, is now set to captivate a new wave of discerning individuals with the exciting opening of Maona, the dazzling debut of Club La Vigie, the remarkable renovation of Nikki Beach, as well as the vibrant additions of Les Ambassadeurs and Muse. These five iconic destinations exemplify the vibrant spirit of the principality and establish it as an irresistible hub for a new generation of younger travellers seeking unforgettable exciting experiences.

Maona Monte-Carlo, an open-air summer cabaret nestled by the water’s edge, is a celebration of Monaco’s rich heritage, immersing guests in a glamorous and deliciously retro ambiance. The venue reinvents the carefree spirit of the 1960s with a contemporary twist, featuring vibrant fabrics, graphic designs, and warm colours. As the night unfolds, a captivating musical journey unfolds, ranging from jazz lounge melodies to live piano performances and soulful divas, culminating in an electrifying DJ set that invites guests to dance the night away.

Club La Vigie Monte-Carlo, situated at the end of the Monte-Carlo Beach peninsula, encapsulates the essence of joie de vivre. With the azure Mediterranean alongside and the bright blue skies above, Club La Vigie is the epitome of celebration and camaraderie. Embracing a 1950s vibe and the exclusivity of a private club, this venue invites friends to come together and relish the delights of summer while basking in the Monaco sun. The decor, featuring white and yellow hues, natural materials, and rope details, exudes bohemian charm. From lazy days lounging by the sea to savouring the Mediterranean flavours of the menu crafted by acclaimed chef Marcel Ravin, Club La Vigie embodies the carefree spirit of the Riviera.

Nikki Beach, a renowned destination frequented by jetsetters, celebrities, and stars of the stage and screen, is a testament to the glamorous allure of Monte Carlo. Offering a beautiful and relaxing environment, Nikki Beach is the ultimate spot to unwind while indulging in world-class entertainment and exquisite culinary delights. With breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and stunning sunsets, Nikki Beach provides a sensory journey for all who visit. The menu showcases a global fusion of flavours, featuring healthful salads, innovative sushi rolls, freshly caught seafood entrees, and slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken.

Les Ambassadeurs by Chef Christophe Cussac is reopening at Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo, a century after the original venue closed its doors, The Belle Epoque establishment invites guests to enjoy a unique and convivial culinary experience with Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac. A delightful homage to the 1920s unfolds through a marriage of modern ingenuity and Mediterranean flair, crafting a culinary experience that transcends time. An exceptional moment to be shared in a warm and welcoming ambiance created by Jacques Garcia.

Muse, a name that doesn’t conjure images of Greek goddesses or a British rock band, but rather the distinctive and exclusive establishment situated at the Méridien Beach Plaza. Muse emerges as the luxury hotel’s fresh summer dining experience, characterized by a novel design and innovative concept. Nestled amidst the pine trees and private beach, Muse beckons as the perfect locale to seize a moment and relish in the dolce vita. Boasting a cocktail bar, a menu brimming with influences from local and Mediterranean cuisines, Sunday brunch affairs, and pulsating DJ sets, Muse stands as the ultimate summer destination.

With its vibrant energy, stunning scenery, and world-class dining and nightlife, Monaco is the perfect place to let loose and have fun. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is known for its safe and peaceful atmosphere, constantly reinventing itself while preserving its distinctive identity. From prestigious hotels, luxury spas, and private beaches, to water sports, cocktails by the sea, shopping trips, and walks through serene gardens, Monaco has everything one could possibly need to guarantee unforgettable moments in a truly unique destination.