Poland – Dwarfs are an amazing attraction in Wroclaw

How do you make a city very attractive to young children? You place several hundred dwarfs scattered throughout the entire territory. That’s how the Polish city of Wroclaw reasoned and they immediately added a tourist attraction. The ‘dwarf hype’ has meanwhile grown into a real quest through the city. You can even get a map at various souvenir shops and tourist offices.

Of course, the dwarfs in Wroclaw owe their existence to the history of the city. By the 1980s, communism was still in power in Poland. In some cities, including Wroclaw, this was accompanied by fierce resistance. The Orange Alternative Movement was a non-violent protest movement that stood out in a very special way. The members walked through Wroclaw dressed as dwarfs and also drew dwarfs throughout the streets. Of course there was nothing illegal about that. These absurd actions contributed to the fall of communism in Poland.

In 2001, in memory of this heroic protest, the first statue of a dwarf was unveiled. ‘Papa Dwarf’ has since become a real hero and was joined by more than 400 other dwarfs. You will undoubtedly encounter quite a few during your city trip to the Polish city of Wroclaw. So if you suddenly see your children running away, there is a good chance that new dwarves are in sight.