Poland – Reasons to visit this undiscovered region

Poland is usually known for its beautiful historical cities like Krakow, Gdansk, and the capital, Warsaw. However, there’s a less-known region in southeastern Poland: Podkarpackie. Over 30% of the region is covered by forests inhabited by wild animals such as brown bears, bison (considered the king of the forest here), and the agile and elusive lynx. Half of the region consists of protected areas. In such conditions, it is easy to feel close to nature and take a deep breath. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Podkarpackie.

The Happiest Region in Poland

For years, residents of this southeastern corner of Poland have consistently reported the highest levels of life satisfaction. In this year’s ranking, every third resident of the region entered the “happiness leaders” group, significantly surpassing other regions. But happiness is not just a statistic, it is a way of life. Visit the region with the highest percentage of satisfied people to experience a journey surrounded by positive energy!

Green Oasis

Podkarpackie is considered one of the greenest regions, where 30% is covered by forests, and half of the area is designated as protected. Moreover, the valuable deciduous beech forests have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A journey to Podkarpackie is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a green oasis.


During hikes in Podkarpackie, you can come across true treasures – wooden gems, six of which have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These examples of wooden architecture include churches and Orthodox churches. Some have survived since the Middle Ages and were built without the use of nails!

Poland’s Wildest Mountains

Podkarpackie is home to two mountain ranges known as the wildest mountains in Poland: Bieszczady and Beskid Niski, sometimes called the Land of Gentleness. Peaks here do not exceed 1400 meters above sea level, but it is not about height. It is about untouched space, low population density, and desolate valleys that were bustling with life just a century ago. Today, nature reigns supreme, making it a haven for wildlife – wolves, lynxes, bears, and bison.

Ski Touring Expeditions

These wild mountains are also an ideal area for ski touring. Deep breaths, silence, and untamed terrain guarantee skiers an adventure where they can feel like true explorers.

Purest Skies in Continental Europe

Podkarpackie, specifically Bieszczady, is a place where you can admire the purest night sky in continental Europe. On a cloudless and moonless night, the Milky Way looks like a shimmering cloud that you can almost touch. The sky here is as our ancestors saw it before electric lighting appeared.

Military Curiosities

For history enthusiasts, Podkarpackie offers top-notch military landmarks. Among them are the remains of Anglage Sud – Hitler’s quarters with a 400-meter railway tunnel, which was the meeting place of Hitler and Mussolini. The city of Przemyśl is a fortress from the times of World War I, still surrounded by a chain of forts. On the other hand, the bunkers of the Molotov Line are not only a military curiosity but also a natural one, as they are now inhabited by bats. And near Rzeszów, you can visit one of the declassified Cold War-era anti-nuclear shelters.

The World’s First Oil Mine

In Bóbrka, in the south of Podkarpackie, oil is still extracted from the world’s oldest oil well! This is where the oil industry originated, and entrepreneurs from Rockefeller’s company learned from local specialists how to distill crude oil.

Glass Capital

For the past hundred years, Krosno in Podkarpackie has likely produced every type of glass. In every Polish home, there were glasses from Krosno or distinctive decorative glass fish. Today, tourists visit the Glass Heritage Center, where they can observe the crafting and decoration of glass.


And, of course, sports! Podkarpackie is home to some of the best volleyball teams – that is a given. But the region’s residents also love speedway – speedway matches always attract hordes of fans. Another notable sporting event is the Butcher’s Run, where participants conquer an 80 km mountainous route in the Bieszczady Mountains.