Canada – Fresh food thanks to the local farmers

Eating local and sourcing from the Fraser Valley farms, just east of the city, where so much of the restaurant bounty grows, not only makes sense for Vancouver, it’s sustainable, too! Top chefs and restaurants all over the city have built relationships with valley farmers to make sure that what ends on their tables takes full advantage of what’s growing locally.

Fraser Valley farms continue to flourish and grow an incredible variety of produce. A range of large and small farms alike benefit from the proximity to markets. And combined with fertile soil, a temperate climate and accessibility to water, agriculture in the region thrives. Locally produced fruits and vegetables from the Fraser Valley are a top source of nourishment for Vancouver and one of the reasons why the Vancouver food scene is so fresh.

With the mission to buy locally for fresh and consciously sourced ingredients, The Acorn Restaurant teams up with local and organic BC farms to create all their dishes. Focused on biodiverse, regenerative farming practices, for example, Local Harvest has been growing food for the community for the past 10 years. Since 2001 Klippers Organics makes a positive impact on the community by providing healthy produce to customers, farmers markets and local restaurants. With a focus on connection to the land and the food we eat, BC Garlic grows good food the honest way, as part of the natural process of living off the land as it is nurtured.

Carlino Restaurant is another example of a Vancouver restaurant that relies on quality ingredients and highlights the local bounty available in BC. Sourcing from their backyard suppliers is an integral part of the process and success. Having built strong relationships over the years with local farmers, fishmongers, foragers and ranchers, Carlino brings to the table the freshest and most flavourful seasonal ingredients.