Canada – Montréal is the city of culinary delights

It’s no empty brag when we say Montréal is home to one of North America’s most vibrant culinary scenes, and the list of must-eats grows with every season. Check out these recent openings in the city, and trust us when we tell you you’ll want to leave space for dessert. Bon appetit!

Pasta lovers rejoice at Moccione, where freshly made noodles are served expertly in mouthwatering sauces. The wine card is perfectly matched, and the bright and airy dining room feels like home.

Good food takes time, and the crew at Cabaret L’Enfer embrace the slow food movement across a sumptuous menu inspired by French and Italian cuisine. Made from fresh, local ingredients, their continually changing tasting menus make for a once in a lifetime feast.

Alongside a tasty menu featuring oysters, gnocchi and galette from chef Josh Lauridsen, Système is the brainchild of Sebastian Cowan of Arbutus Records and David Schmidt of Fleurs et Cadeaux and Club Pelicano. But more than just good eats, Système also books nightly DJs and promises a “memory-making environment” often open until 3 a.m.—sounds like the perfect end to a busy day.

The stately Gia serves delicious grilled eggplant and Péningouin cheese sandwiches at lunchtime, and Tuscan flavoured mains for dinner. Their appetizers and sides truly shine, ranging from fennel salad to expertly made fries with aioli yogurt.

You won’t be judged for foodstagramming your plates and environs at Yoko Luna, a deluxe supper club offering live entertainment, bottle service and the Louis XIII Experience membership—the most VIP of the VIP. Try the truffle edamame, Yoko Yufuku with Wagyu beef or cherry blossom salad (after snapping your pics first, naturally).

Paname updates the tradition of the French bistro with melon Gazpacho, short ribs seasoned with Harissa and the catch of the day, all in the heart of the Verdun arrondissement. Now, it also offers brunch!