Niue – Diving is easy and rewarding

Diving in Niue is easy yet rewarding with an interesting mix of caverns, caves, pristine coral walls and drop-offs to explore. Whether you are a frequent underwater visitor or just starting out, your dives in Niue will be unforgettable. Niue’s greatest feature is its incredibly crystal clear water unlike anywhere else in the world, with visibility that can reach up to 80 metres and rarely falls below 30 metres. Mix all this with a wide variety of friendly marine life and you have a dive destination that you will want to explore time and time again.


As Niue is made entirely of porous limestone, it has no lakes or streams. This means that rain quickly filters through the island into the sea below, there is no sediment in the water and visibility (a divers favourite word) can be up to 80 metres. This clarity is ranked amongst the very best in the world and, with the warm water, makes for an exceptional dive experience!

Divers can explore caverns, caves, and chasms, that provide sanctuary to a huge variety of marine life. Niue’s pristine hard coral reefs are home to several endemic species and as you glide above them you’ll know you’re one of only a handful of people to dive these undisturbed sites and each have something unique about them.


Imagine being able to offer people the choice of small private beaches, swimming caves, coves and chasms where the likelihood of someone disturbing you is almost nil. Niue has dozens of these on offer for you to discover – and while you won’t be interrupted by people, you will be examined by the array of curious marine life!

Some of these hidden chasms were formerly reserved exclusively for ancient Niuean Kings, so they come with a rich history. Many of the areas are well equipped with information boards, picnic areas and are well signposted, so you can discover them with ease. If you are daring you can explore the outer reef by snorkel – however do ensure that you have checked the weather and the tides before heading out. Guided trips are also available.

There are only a couple of rules to remember; never swim nude and don’t wear skimpy clothing or swimsuits in public; a couple of swimming areas are closed for just a few weeks each year to let unique fish spawn in peace, but there will be signposts to guide you.