Samoa – Romantic holidays in an island paradise

Samoa has all the makings of a dream romantic escape, which makes the islands a top choice for weddings, honeymooners, and couples looking for a special way to rekindle the flame, celebrate, or spend quality time. Imagine spending a few days with your nearest and dearest dining under the starry skies and waking up to the sound of clear turquoise waters lapping at the smooth white sands in front of you. Aside from the uninterrupted peace and tranquillity Samoa offers couples against the picture-perfect backdrop of idyllic beaches, gentle balmy seas, and coconut palms, Samoa is also an oasis of romantic sights, sounds, and activities. Your time together on the islands can be as chilled or as active as you like and no two days must be the same – unless you want them to be, of course. The warmth and friendly hospitality of the Samoan people are also what makes a romantic getaway in Samoa so uniquely magical. Wherever you choose to stay or dine, and whatever activities you take part in, the Samoan people you encounter will always make you feel welcome and do whatever they can to make sure your experience is extra special. To get you inspired or even help you plan for a couples retreat of a lifetime, here are some of the top romantic experiences Samoa has to offer for you and your partner.

Stay in a romantic resort

Samoa is pure perfection when it comes to offering couples the chance to spend some time together in a naturally romantic setting, so it’s no surprise that the islands are home to some of the most beautiful and luxurious beach resorts in the world. Nestled among Samoa’s lush tropical vegetation and making the most of the islands’ pristine coastline, you’ll find anything from boutique beach retreats with well-appointed private villas to ocean-fronting luxury resorts boasting manicured tropical gardens, swimming pools, and fine dining restaurants. Wherever choose to stay on your romantic escape, you’ll have the chance to while away the hours relaxing among the palm groves, sipping from a freshly cut coconut, or taking a dip in the lagoon only metres from your room. Samoa’s romantic beachfront resorts are also the perfect place to enjoy sunset cocktails, dinner under the stars, and delicious tropical breakfasts delivered daily.

Visit the top-rated Lalomanu beach

There’s no shortage of beaches in Samoa but voted one of the top ten beach destinations in the world by Lonely Planet, Lalomanu beach is definitely worth a visit on your romantic break. Situated on the south-eastern tip of Upolu, Lalomanu beach has brilliant white-sands Samoa is known for with stunning views out towards the smaller outer islands. The calm, clear warm waters of Lalomanu’s protected marine reserve are also perfect for sharing a snorkelling experience with your partner, giving you a rare opportunity to effortlessly watch tropical marine life glide before your eyes – perhaps including a turtle or two.
You might also choose to stay in an authentic Samoan fale at Lalomanu beach. While fales are typically more basic than a five-star resort, they give you a unique chance to experience traditional island life with the romantic ambience of cooling ocean breezes, starry night skies, and uninterrupted sea views.

Be spoilt with spas and wellness

There are spa resorts and facilities dotted all around the islands of Samoa should you and your partner feel like being pampered for a few hours (or days). Set within beautiful coastal surrounds, you can unwind and re-energise with regular outdoor Yoga classes, massages, a huge range of beauty treatments, and a selection of healthy local food and beverages.

Retreat to the privacy of jungle waterfalls and swimming holes

With so many idyllic beaches all around Samoa, it’s not hard to find a stunning secluded spot to enjoy some quality time with your loved one. Afu Aau Waterfalls on the south side of Savai’i however, offers an alternative but equally awe-inspiring remote natural setting where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, snooze or even picnic lunch. Completely out of sight and tucked within the dense jungle vegetation, you’ll find a glistening waterfall cascading into a crystal-clear lagoon. You can both jump, splash, float, or swim to your heart’s content in this naturally dreamy and intimate wonderland. There are also plenty of other inland swimming holes and waterfalls around Samoa including the must-see To Sua Ocean Trench in Upolu, so you’ll never be stuck for choice.

Visit a remote island

Yes, whether you’re staying on the island of Upolu, Savai’i or elsewhere, you’re already experiencing a remote tropical paradise, but Samoa is also made up of some much smaller and mostly uninhabited islands which are ideal for day trips and where couples can feel truly alone. The islands of Nu’utele, Nu’uala, Fanuatapu, Fatuanava, Nu’ulopa, Lepuia’i, and Nuusafee are scattered around the main islands of Samoa which make them accessible by water taxi or part of a guided tour, and some can even be included as part of a guided kayak excursion. While the untouched coral gardens around the islands are ideal for private snorkelling experiences, you could even land on a faraway beach of your choosing for some rest and relaxation.

Hire a scooter

A far cry from the congested noisy roads in most cities around the world, the roads of Samoa are relatively calm – especially away from the biggest towns and villages. Exploring the islands of Samoa by scooter is easily one of the most convenient, stress-free and intimate ways for couples to get around. With a scooter to hand, you and your partner can share the experience of being totally free while casually enjoying the sights, sounds, and feeling of the cooling wind rushing past.
When it comes to idyllic romantic breaks, Samoa really is hard to beat. From perfectly dreamy beaches and secluded natural wonders to luxe stays and fine food, there’s something here to suit every couple’s style (and for every occasion).