Argentina – Enjoy sport fishing in a lush vegetation

Would you like to enjoy fishing in an environment with lush vegetation? Come to Isla del Cerrito. Embark on a motorboat that will take you to the Paraná. There, the river gets wider, the whirls are more intense, the currents speed up, and the waters merge with those from the Paraguay river. Listen to the silence when the boat turns off its engine and sails like a water lily. Then, connect with your environment, cast your rod, and wait for fish to bite.

Enjoy this paradise for fishing the dorado. Chat with the local experts that accompany you on your journey, and who are familiar with the secrets of the river. Have fun with the stories told in this place, as you watch the colors in the landscape transform at sunset. And if you travel in September, do not miss the Great Dorado Festival, celebrated on the island. Live this experience in the province of Chaco.