Brazil – Beautiful waterfalls, dunes, canyons, rocks and natural pools

Among the most popular adventure destinations in the country, Jalapão State Park is home to beautiful waterfalls, dunes, canyons, and rocks, not to mention the famous fervedouro springs, which form unique natural pools. The Park is located close to the city of Mateiros, about 300 km from Palmas, the capital city in the state of Tocantins. Extremely popular with adventure tourism and ecotourism enthusiasts, the Park will provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. 

The natural landscapes of the Cerrado biome, the Brazilian Savannah, are home to rivers, rock formations, and several wildlife species, such as jaguars, maned wolves, and macaws. For adventurers, the Park is ideal for activities such as canoeing, diving, and rappelling.

The amazing Formiga Waterfall displays beautiful emerald-green water. The water is so transparent that, even in the deepest spots, you can see the white limestone sand. The waterfall is located on private property, so you will need to pay a fee in order to see it. To get there, you will need to take highway BR-225 from the city of Mateiros towards the city of São Félix. You will face 36 km of dirt roads. 

You will also fall in love with the region’s imposing canyons, such as the Suçuapara, crystal-clear falls, such as Formiga and Velha waterfalls, and the incredible greenish-blue pools called fervedouros. They are unique karst springs where the force of the water prevents the bather from sinking. 

Before setting out on this incredible adventure, here are some important tips so that you can enjoy the trip without having to worry. Hiring a local guide to tour the park is highly recommended. There is no cell phone reception, no public phones, and no road signs in several areas. If you need help or get lost, it might prove to be difficult to make a call or find your way to the tourist attractions. An experienced guide will help you to continue your trip without problems. Besides, the guide will know the region very well, so he will be able to take you to the best locations. Don’t forget to always take a first-aid kit for any emergencies, and extra tires for the journey.