Brazil – Explore different amazing beaches

Popularly known as the Magic Island, Florianopolis is the capital city in Santa Catarina State. Visitors will fall in love with its charm and natural beauty.
Floripa, as locals call it, comprises two parts: the island just off the coast and a small peninsula on the continent. They are joined by the beautiful Hercílio Luz Bridge, one of the main landmarks in the city. 

Containing around 100 beaches, the region is perfect to practice water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, and sailing. However, unlike other Brazilian cities, temperatures in Floripa tend to drop during the winter season (June to August). Therefore, brace yourself for colder waters.

Visitors will notice the strong influence of Portuguese and Azorean colonizers in the city’s architecture and local cuisine, as well as in its cultural and religious events. Part of the city is a natural preserve that includes unspoiled beaches surrounded by beautiful hills covered in native Atlantic Forest vegetation. 

There are many points of interest around the city, some of which are the beautiful Conceição Lagoon, the peaceful Peri Lagoon, the traditional Historic City Center, the popular Public Market, the cosmopolitan Beira-Mar Avenue, and the rustic Azorean neighborhoods of Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha. There are also other attractions, such as Portuguese forts, museums, churches, and theaters to please everyone.

For those visitors who like to buy local handicrafts and also try the local cuisine, the Public Market is a mandatory stop. Located in the Historic Center of Floripa, the building dates back to 1899, making it one of the oldest in the city. Once in the Market, visitors will be able to purchase different kinds of handicraft and try some local dishes that include fish, shrimp, crab meat, squid, and especially oysters, since the municipality is the largest producer of farmed oysters in the country. 

Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição Lagoon), one of the most traditional places in the city, is 15 km long and very popular with water sports enthusiasts. The region also attracts crowds dying to try the famous sequência de camarão, a series of shrimp dishes served successively. The neighborhood of Jurerê Internacional, which has lots of luxurious mansions and high-end restaurants, attracts the younger generations due to its busy nightlife.

As for ecotourism and adventure sports, the city has countless options that will please everyone. Visitors can go hang-gliding, skydiving, tree climbing, scuba diving and snorkeling, sandboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, rafting, trekking, abseiling, ziplining, or something else that they prefer. The options are endless.

Surfing is one of the city’s most popular activities. After all, Floripa is considered one of the best places to go surfing in Brazil and regularly hosts national and international surf competitions. The most popular surf spots are Joaquina Beach and Praia Mole (Soft Beach). However, if you are looking for something else entirely, such as a beach that is not so busy and has calm waters to enjoy with the whole family, Daniela Beach is the ideal place for you. 

If you can spare a few more days than you had originally planned, a visit to the city of Bombinhas, located 46 miles (75 km) from Floripa, is totally worthwhile. There are 39 gorgeous clear-water beaches in the  municipality. Another destination worth visiting is Balneário Camboriú, which is also quite near (50 miles, 80.5 km). The city has nine beautiful beaches and great nightlife.