Brazil – Famous clear waters and amazing beaches

Surrounded by slopes and hills full of Mata Atlântica’s natural beauty, Armação dos Búzios – or just Búzios – calls upon the visitor’s adventurous spirit and invites them to be in touch with nature.

The famous clear waters in Búzios’s sea is only one of the natural attractions in this fascinating destination. Those who are in search of some connection with nature will find countless possibilities that vary from a peaceful stroll to adrenaline-filled activities. The highlights include trekking, bike rides and snorkeling – all of which reveal the exquisiteness of the region’s fauna and flora.

In Búzios, all roads lead to nearly untouched biodiversity, in Mata Atlântica’s conservation areas where the visitor enjoys quiet beaches and unmatched vegetation. The Pau-Brasil Environmental Protection Area is home to beaches like Caravelas and José Gonçalves, as well as islands like Papagaio, Dois Irmãos and Comprida. The Emerências Mountain Range, located inside the protection area, shows a unique ecological system. There is no shadow of doubt that this attraction is worth the visit!

The Pau-Brasil Environmental Protection Area includes the territory of Cabo Frio, which is also a wonderful destination, located approximately 14 miles away from Armação dos Búzios. For those who appreciate exploring more of the neighborhood, it is a good option to extend your visit and stay a few days in the charming city of Cabo Frio.

The amazing beaches are undoubtedly the main feature that draws thousands of tourists to the region every year. The visitors can choose between more than 20 beaches (that look like pieces of heaven) and each of them pleases a different crowd. For family trips, Ferradura beach is a great choice. But when it comes to younger crowds and surfers, Geribá beach is the place to go. Manguinhos and Rasa beaches are also visited by fans of sports like kitesurf and windsurf.

The various colors and shapes hidden underwater are an invitation for the tourist to dive in this adventure and discover a whole new world. In addition, a boat trip is a nice way to explore the region’s most beautiful beaches. Búzios’s weather is extremely favorable to practicing sailing sports that bring adrenaline to your experience. It is truly a complete destination!

It is impossible not to feel enamored with Búzios’s unmatched natural beauty. The magic of this place will definitely win your heart!