Brazil – Unique concept for JO&JOE Rio de Janeiro

JO&JOE Rio de Janeiro has just opened its doors in Largo do Boticário, a historic local complex that was revitalized by Accor. The first JO&JOE in Brazil has the “Open House” concept, combining the best of accommodation formats in hostels and traditional hotels. Purchased in 2018 by the French group, Largo do Boticário received an investment of around 70 million reais for the renovation of six houses, respecting their main original characteristics, as well as the surrounding native forest. The São Paulo office MM18, whose partners are the architects Mila Strauss and Marcos Paulo Caldeira, signs the interior design project.

The iconic spiral stairs, the floor, tiles and other elements received a meticulous work by the restoration team, under the supervision of INEPAC (State Institute of Cultural Heritage). To celebrate the agreement to preserve the historical heritage, Accor published a book that tells the story of Largo do Boticário, showing the restoration work.

JO&JOE Rio de Janeiro occupies an area of ​​4,157 m² and has 320 beds in 80 rooms and apartments, which accommodate up to 8 people (in addition to offering private options), with artistic projects conceived by names such as Mariana Papi, Kakau Höfke, Bruno9li, Braga, Marcelo Ment, Jotac and Milton Jofily. The accommodations are, for the most part, completely different from each other, being individually designed according to the heights of windows and doors. Some of them are part of the architectural concept “OOO” (Out of Ordinary), bringing the idea of ​​environments that bring unique experiences. In general, the entire internal layout encompasses the connection between the houses and their different uses.

“The hotel is Accor’s first to launch the Open House concept, which aims to cater to all types of audiences. In addition, JO&JOE Rio de Janeiro will maintain the identity of Largo do Boticário, but always aligned with the brand’s philosophy, which aims to deliver personalized experiences to guests and residents”, says Olivier Hick, COO of Accor’s midscale and economy brands in Brazil.

In the gastronomic part there is a main restaurant and the PUB Big Ben JOE, both open to the public. In the exclusive area for guests, there is Detox (with juices and natural products) and On Fire (with sandwiches and pizzas) – open on demand. The complex also has three swimming pools, a basketball court and coworking space.

Authentic design

The hotel has a unique and contemporary look, incorporating urban art concepts, which guarantee a big city atmosphere, in addition to bringing the idea of ​​spacious environments, which promote interaction and coexistence between guests and visitors. Among the highlights of the project, carried out in partnership with MM18, is the rooftop with a sandbar, which promises to be a relaxing place and also a meeting point for a relaxed moment. The area in front of the restaurant and bar, open to the public, has a floor covered in Portuguese stones, bringing the idea of ​​the Carioca way of life. The entire interior part of the complex, which includes spaces such as a restaurant, bars, outdoor areas, rooms, among others, from the coatings to the lighting and furniture were signed by the duo Mila Strauss and Marcos Paulo Caldeira.