Chile – Embark on a unique Antarctic experience

The Chilean Antarctic destination, a 1,250,257 km2-area of unique and indescribable beauty, tourist attractions and activities are waiting for your visit. This destination mixes, with its white splendor, the attraction of the myth of what is unexplored, the distant, and inhospitable lands.

This place, the most distant on earth, presents us with an abundance of species such as blue whales, penguins, seals, and orcas, surprising visitors who are looking for special adventures, whether on expedition cruises or planes.

The visitors who are encouraged to know this remote destination will discover incredible places such as the Stars Village (Villa las estrellas), the last Chilean town which will astonish you with its structures adapted for the iciest days. Among the full-day experiences in Antarctica, you could visit the churches located on King George Island, as well as the Stars Village church which stands between the white layers of snow, or the Russian church which is stoic on the top of a hill.

Combine your visit to Antarctica with incredible places like the old whaling station on Deception Island (Isla Decepción), which is located on the island of the same name. This island is the only one that does not freeze since it is an active volcano crater!

Sail between the South Shetland Islands and the western part of the Antarctic Peninsula, Paulet Island, Hope Bay, Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay, Deception Island, Lemaire Channel, and many other places.