Chile – New national park protects glaciers

Chile has designated a new national park, just 60 km from the capital of Santiago de Chile. The Glaciares de Santiago National Park has been established with a profound mission to protect 368 glaciers that provide water to a significant part of the region’s ecosystem.

Encompassing a vast expanse of 75,114 hectares, the Glaciares de Santiago National Park is found in the upper reaches of the Olivares and Colorado river basins, within the municipality of San José de Maipo. The most outstanding glaciers are Olivares Gamma, Juncal Sur and Tupungatito volcano. This park is not only a testament to Chile’s commitment to environmental preservation but also a biodiversity hotspot. Its high-altitude terrain supports a remarkable array of fauna, including pumas, condors, Chilean eagles, peregrine falcons, red foxes, and guanacos.