Colombia – Discover the countryside on the back of a horse

Imagine enjoying stunning landscapes and astonishing biodiversity from a completely different angle – the back of a horse. There’s a reason horseback riding has become an increasingly popular way to explore and experience Colombia. Short tours will guide you along beautiful trails and multi-day immersive experiences will help you discover new destinations at your horse’s pace. 

Horseback riding tours offer a truly unique ecotourism experience, and one that lets you enjoy nature through traditional country roads and trails that are off the beaten path. You’ll be able to fully appreciate Colombia’s regional and cultural heritage and embrace the warm-hearted welcome of its people. 

What can you expect from equestrian tourism in Colombia? There are two types of equestrian experience. Day tours lead groups and individuals to interesting places for a couple of hours, sometimes carrying picnics and other treats, and longer tours offer a fully immersive experience. Multi-day tours can run from eight to ten nights and generally have groups of eight to 12 people. Riders are generally older than 12 years-old and ride well into their seventies.