Colombia – Hike to the most breathtaking places

If you enjoy hiking through imposing mountains and natural landscapes filled with animals and hundreds of species of plants, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the place for you.

It has an ecosystem full of natural beauty and a unique culture that will your trip truly unforgettable. This mountain range, whose snowy peaks look like a set of dazzling pearls, is a gorgeous location where locals and tourists alike love hiking.

One of the most notable routes is the trail to Cerro Kennedy, which is elevated over 10,170 feet above sea level and is home to hundreds of native and migratory birds you can discover during your trip.

It takes a lot of effort to get to the top of the mountain, but don’t worry! It’ll be worth it when you see the stunning snowy peaks of Cristóbal Colón and Simón Bolívar, two of the tallest mountains in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

On your trip up the mountain, you’ll find hidden treasures like the village of Minca. This beautiful village, which is full of birds and waterfalls, is only a preface to the abundant natural wealth that will characterize the rest of your journey.

As you enjoy your visit in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, keep in mind that this majestic mountain range was once home to the Tayrona indigenous group. Today, the Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa, and Kankuamo ethnic communities have made it theirs. For that reason, we urge you take care and be respectful as you explore and enjoy this scenic paradise, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by Unesco.