Ecuador – It’s time to detox and energize

It is time for a general detox, a holistic immunity boosting time in nature, away from all of our noisy daily routines. It is time for wellness! We have compiled our own approach to relaxation, a guide to wellness in Ecuador. Let’s start by taking a deep mindfull breath!

What to do?

As with every journey, this road to a new stage in life begins with one step, or to be more specific, and awe walk in our breathtaking landscapes. Ecuador has 4 worlds with many unique destinations that will amaze you. Amazon jungle, Andean highlands, Pacific Coastland and the incomparable Galapagos Islands. Many scenarios in one magnificent place for you to take a walk off the beating path.

Awe Walking

Awe walks are strolls in which you shift your attention outward, focusing on the wonder of nature to let inward thinking shut down for a while. This can have a positive impact on mental health. A 15 minutes awe walk seeking out impressive environments in nature or urban settings, walking mindfully, varying routes and of course, turning off the phone and watches for digital detox, will boost your positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion and a growing sense of wonder and appreciation for the world.

A retreat on thin places

Thin places are those inbetweens this and other worldly places. Is the threshold where two worlds merge and become one. Thin places are not perceived with the five senses, experiencing them goes beyond those limits. Those highly energetic shrines that our ancestors used to call “huacas” are the mountains, waterfalls, springs and streams,  those magical places where the locals went to reconnect with the unknown and renew spirituality.

Spa Time

By the end of a long day, or a long time of non-stop workaholism, the best thing to do is shut the world off and let the warm water let the day draw more slowly to a close. The best place to enjoy a complete rest of body and soul would be a special place, a place of tranquility. It`s time to rest and re-energize in relaxation oases like indoor and outdoor pools, hot springs, saunas and spa suites, the spots that brings on quietness into this noisy world. Let time stand still for you for a moment, for a precious instant.

Ecuadorian Hot Springs

Our Andean mountain range divides Ecuador from north to south and its located right on the Pacific side of the Ring of Fire. This has resulted in a prolific volcanic activity and natural hot springs that have bathed locals and visitors since ancient times. With hot springs comes the mineral soils which have the power to cure and re-energize the body. Its mineral properties have been used since the times of the Incas, when the “chasquis”, a sort of postmen runners for the empire, used to bath to recover strength after long walks.