Paraguay – Corn is the most essential ingredient

The natural resources inherited from Guaraní culture and its merging with European culture resulted in a unique cuisine, infinitely different from the rest of South America. When it comes to Paraguayan cuisine, there are many exquisite dishes that stand out, such as the chipa, sopa paraguaya, chipá guazú, soyo and borí borí. Additionally, there is also a great variety of desserts.

Paraguayan cuisine, however, still maintains some common elements that can also be found in the cuisine from other South American countries. These are the use of corn, cassava, peanuts, and legumes. Furthermore, the high quality of Paraguayan beef provides consumers with the best meat cuts for the traditional barbecue. Be that as it may, the most essential ingredient in Paraguayan gastronomy is corn, which can be either ground, cooked or fermented, and in this way be part of the elaboration of several of the most renowned traditional dishes.

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